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John Marshall
DraftCaps, PO Box 144
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Rocky Hill, NJ 08553
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DraftCaps -  "protecting patron and beer investments"

DraftCaps are the simple but effective means of eliminating fruit flies in and around draft beer taps in any restaurant. Avoiding fruit fly infestation is far easier than elimination. DraftCaps are sized to fit snugly over the ends of draft beer taps in any hospitality environment be it Restaurant, bar or hotel. DraftCaps also fit Guinness faucets. DraftCaps' bright yellow color make them hard to misplace and easy to visually monitor their cleanliness. DraftCaps are inexpensive and packed in units of 25 pieces, suitable for an entire establishment's needs several times over. Make DraftCaps part of every bartender's closing procedure.

Eliminate fruit fly problems

  • Fits draft beer taps perfectly
  • Fits Guinness Faucets
  • Bright yellow color

To Order:

25 Pieces/Pack
$14.99 including S&H
N.J. Residents add 7% Sales Tax